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Don Sweet Biography  
Don Sweet grew up in Florida fishing with his father in saltwater where just about anything could and did bite your line.

Serving in the USMC, Don was a Senior Drill Instructor, and a Geodetic Hydrographic Surveyor, and had the opportunity to fish all over the world.

Don Settled in Michigan where he completed a Masters degree, and founded Visual Films.

A strong proponent for "Catch & Release", Don speaks out to promote Catch/Photo/Release, "CPR" guide trips. After all, customers dont spend all that money to go grocery shopping.

Getting training from some of the best guides in the country, Don fished and won the 2004 National Championship Catfish Tournament on Santee-Cooper Lakes in South Carolina, and Later won on the Ohio River the first time he fished a tournament with Victoria. During a film shoot in Argentina, Don set a IGFA world line-class record for the Sorubim Catfish at 108 pounds. While fishing near Seattle, Don caught a 30 pound Coho Salmon, a boat record.

Always on the alert for great film projects, Don continues to press the concept of "Edutainment".